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From Bean to Brew: Coffee and Culture 

Coffee exhibit

The UCI Libraries introduced an exciting new exhibit called From Bean to Brew: Coffee and Culture, on Wednesday, November 12th at 5:30 PM in Langson Library. Steven Topik, UCI Professor of History, and Martin Diedrich, Founder and Master Roaster of Kéan Coffee, were our opening night event speakers. In addition to the opening night event, we are offering small group tours with the curator for those interested in taking a closer look into the making of this exhibit. Tours begin on Monday, December 8, 2014. For more information or to sign up, please contact the UCI Libraries External Relations Office at (949) 824-4651 or partners@uci.edu.

From Bean to Brew highlights the adoption of coffee as a widely consumed beverage and spans areas covering coffee production, the marketing of coffee, and the modern economics of coffee. The exhibit also showcases coffee culture in Orange County.

The exhibit shares some of the truths and legends surrounding the discovery of the coffee plant, how it was first ingested by humans, and its relationship with medicine and religion. It showcases the spread of coffee and its cultivation in Arabia, Europe, the Dutch colonies in Java, the French colonies in the West Indies, and onward to South America and Asia. The exhibit also explores coffeehouse culture in Orange County with local past and current coffeehouses like Diedrich’s and Kéan Coffee, and examines barista culture and the influence of the fair trade coffee movement. Finally, the exhibit brings to light the journey of the coffee berry from cultivation to your cup.

Opening night speakers Steven Topik, UCI Professor of History, and Martin Diedrich, Founder and Master Roaster of Kéan Coffee, led a fascinating conversation on coffee history and culture. Professor Steven Topik specializes in world history through the study of commodities, especially coffee. Martin Diedrich founded Diedrich Coffee in Costa Mesa in 1983 and Kéan Coffee with his wife, Karen, in 2005. He is considered one of the pioneers of the coffeehouse phenomenon and is an internationally recognized coffee expert.

The UCI Libraries Exhibits Program promotes the diverse holdings and scholarly and cultural value of the Libraries’ collections to the campus and community.



From Bean to Brew: Coffee and Culture will be on display through March 2015 in the Langson Library Muriel Ansley Reynolds Gallery during regular library hours.



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